Friday, April 27, 2007


I ordered Halibut for a party on the third floor this weekend-it is on the catering menu. Halibut can be a kind of boring fish, it is so white and mild and low fat, on the other hand it, like chicken and veal, can absorb intriguing flavors. The catering menu lists it with an Asian glaze flavored with Hoisin. I also ordered a few extra pounds to use for weekend specials. At $12 per pound wholesale, I will have to sell it at around $24 to cover the expense plus sauce, plus sides, plus etc. etc.-the costing out of a menu item always involves so much more than just the cost of the fish.

I couldn't resist taking a couple pieces home for my own dinner-I was planning on leaving earlier than usual as the sous chef and a competent line were working. But as the old saying goes "the best laid plans of mice and men-often go awry"-the restaurant got slammed and I left at 9-closing time, and my usual exit time-poor chef. I took some fish home anyway. For myself I wanted something simple-after tasting sauces, glazes, and dry rubs all day-I crave simplicity. I dusted the fillets with flour, salt and pepper only, sauteed them with some vegetables and topped it with some lemon butter. It was marvelous, but I will probably gussy it up for the restaurant-people seem to demand that sort of thing.

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