Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Spring Celebration

It has been such a busy Spring I haven't had the time to write this blog. Maybe now that Summer is here things will slow up a bit. Here is a dinner we had in May to celebrate some personal accomplishments.
We took some time out recently to celebrate some personal goals met. I've had this bottle of Calvados sitting around since Christmas and needed an event to open it. I grilled veal loin chops and sauced them with a reduction of stock, cream, and Calvados. On the side I served an apple stuffed with ham and rice-also very tasty to sop up the sauce.
We set the dining room table with all the good stuff and the women guests even got to wear tiaras.
First of all the Calvados was exquisite, the apple actually grows in the bottle-I can't imagine trying to do that-I always wonder what happens in a wind storm; I just see an orchard with broken tree limbs and glass everywhere. Of course I had to try a snifter of it-just to make sure it was good.
We also had a salad of oranges, radishes, and onions dressed with a little salt and olive oil.

History Museum Gala

Last week we hosted the Monroe County History Museum fundraiser. The museum rents out all three floors of the restaurant and we are closed to the public. My favorite hors douevre of the evening was this platter of cured Italian cold cuts with Focaccia bread made by Tim, one of th guys in the kitchen. Tim doesn't like his picture taken, but I did manage to sneak a picture of him while he was patting out the focaccia. On the meat platter I included Genoa salame, Mortadella, Coppacolo, Proscuitto, olive salad, and some Italian cheeses.