Friday, March 14, 2008


During my recent vacation, I did cook one evening in the kitchen of my parents condo. Before I left St Louis, I froze some Rib Eye steaks and shipped them with dry ice to the island (you just can't buy decent beef in most places without alot of research), fresh shrimp and oysters are another story. They are abundant and delicious. We picked some up from my mom's favorite shop along the gulf in Port Isabel. Next we picked up some cauliflour from a farm stand. So we started dinner with oysters while I grilled steaks out by the pool and made a cauliflour gratin (from Barefoot In Paris cookbook bu Ina Garten).

We also had a salad with succulent avocados and tomatoes-also purchased at the farm stand. The cauliflour, avocados, and tomatoes were brightly flavored with that unmistakable vine or tree ripened and just picked freshness.
I topped the oysters with a crumb and crab mixture and ran them under the broiler briefly.

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Kevin said...

I coulda taken you to the family butcher in Edinburgh. De La Garza Slaughterhouse and Butcher Shop. Tio Julio and Junior woulda sliced you whatever you wanted. We always go there and load up on meat when we're at the island, their steaks are always incredible...but their fajita meat is dynamite!!!!

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood are always plentiful. Yo's grandmother had an avocado tree in her backyard.....we generally go to B&B Seafood in Port Isabel, they usually have "broken shrimp", which is generally the jumbo shrimp w/a small piece cut off, that they sell really cheap.

Did you eat breakfast at Manuel's in Port Isabel? He makes the best breakfast burritos.