Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bulgogi-Korean Barbequed Rib Eye Steaks
When I was in second or third grade, we had a Korean minister come to the little Methodist church that my family attended. Reverend Sun was his name-Han Yung Sun I think was his full name. He and my father became good friends and my family found itself in church alot during his tenure. A couple of times Reverend Sun would make Korean food after church on Sunday. Our tiny little church basement got smokey with exotic aromas and what was unusual flavors for small town Mid-America in the 1960's. The noodles and thin strips of beef that emerged from the kitchen were a revelation to say the least.

I don't recall Reverend Sun's noodles enough to even try to recreate them, but the beef must have been Bulgogi-and it surely must be one of the signature dishes of Korea. I decided to revisit my Korean food memories and create a Sunday lunch for some friends. Instead of thin strips of beef, I used whole rib eye steaks grilled outside over real charcoal.

I accompanied the steaks with three flavorful and unusual Asian salads. Sesame-corn salad, Eggplant, and Carrot. For dessert Dan and I made a chocolate lamb cake-since it is close to Easter-we shared the steps in creating a "black sheep" .

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Kevin said...

Rev. Sun was a popular and I believe rather long tenured minister there. Grandma Murray really liked him also.

Good thing you identified the lamb....I thought it was a dog......