Wednesday, March 12, 2008

South Padre Island
I've been on vacation recently. My folks stay on Padre Island during the winter (for over 15 years now), so I use it as a mid winter get away myself. It was cold and snowing in St Louis as I left. It was 80 degrees and partly sunny on the island when I arrived. Of course we went to Mexico a couple of times. We ate a a rather fun restaurant called Angel's. Located on the third floor of an atrium building. Many of the restaurants are similar. Sort of fancy in that the waiters are in tuxedos, and there is usually live music-in this case an organist. They have the usual touristy food, but also more fish dishes and goat-which you don't see on the US Menus. They serve Margarits with olive garnish and were also selling many Bananas Foster with great showmanship. It was lots of fun.

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Kevin said...

Sorry we didn't get to make it down to the island.....btw, it's SOUTH Padre Island....which is much nicer than Padre Island.

We've been to Angels, not bad, but I like Arturo's better. I love how they grill cabrito over coals. Progresso is a great border town for tourists/gringos.

On one of our visits to Progresso, my mother-in-law bought a large (30 gallon) plastic sack of ojas (corn husks for tamales). In the 30 gallon sack there was about 50 little sacks filled w/ojas. The large sack was not in very good shape and I knew that it would come apart and we'd have a mess. So I headed for the bridge by myself to put the ojas in the car and come back across. When I got to customs......the Border Patrol agent started looking at me and asking all kinds of questions about my sack of ojas.

The sack was starting to come apart, I was alone, and I suddenly had visions of being cuffed and taken to a jail cell while they searched through the entire 30 gallon sack of ojas.

Fortunatly the agent must have felt sorry for me or I was just believable enough, because he let me go on through.