Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Big Apple Steak

This was a clever suggestion from my sous chef William for a Saturday night special. It is a New York Strip steak topped with Apple Buerre Blanc. White wine, apple vodka, apple cider vinegar, shallot, and diced Granny Smith apple are combined and reduced to a glaze, whole butter is emulsified in the glaze and poured over a grilled New York Strip steak. We used some tempura onion rings to crown the dish and all the flavors worked very well together-sour apple, onion, and beef.

Strip prices are up again. I paid over $9.20 a pound wholesale, while Tenderloin was down just under $9 per pound. Go figure-What is a chef to do? You can't reprint the menu every time the market fluctuates. In this case I hope the increased food cost of the Strip is compensated by the decreased food cost of the tenderloin.

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Glenna said...

Lovely. I love the flavors of apples and onions together to so my husband I would have both really gone for that special.

Food prices--crazy stuff!