Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lobster Egg Royale

The title and provenance of this dish is perplexing. I came across it while reading Skillet Doux, an excellent blog from Chicago. This blog observed the dish on Iron Chef. My Escoffier cookbook has several recipes for Royales which are more like puddings-savory puddings, where forcemeats (chicken, fish, or vegetable) are sieved with eggs and baked in molds in a Bain Marie.

Skillet Doux's version is more like shirred or baked eggs. Browsing the internet for more "Egg Royale" recipes did not shed any more understanding of the dish. Castle in The Country Bed and Breakfast serves a dish they call "Royal Eggs and Cheese". In their dish eggs are baked with cheese and cream in ramekins.

Another recipe I found called "Eggs Royal" was reprinted from The New Orleans Restaurant Cookbook by Deirdre Stanforth. This dish has a layer of chicken liver pate with eggs baked on top. They add "demi-hollandaise" which is hallandaise folded with cream sauce flavored with brandy.

I followed the recipe-as much as I follow any recipe-from Skillet Doux. I started with one live lobster, briefly boiled-reserve tail and claw meat and make lobster bisque with the shells, reduce the bisque until thick, and add back the lobster meat. Ladle 1/4 cup lobster mixture into baking dish and crack and egg over the lobster, top with a couple tablespoons of bisque and bake. Visit to read about excellent Chicago dining.

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Charles said...


Your link to Skilletdoux is missing the dot between the last 'w' and the 's'. I checked out the skilletdoux blog, and it's really good, so I thought you'd want to fix that.

Great post, by the way. I'm always looking for new things to try with eggs.