Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crabby Pretzel

I'm always getting interesting ideas from the blogosphere. Most bloggers seem generous, but some bloggers seem more territorial. Some bloggers steal ideas and pictures and present them as their own, this is obviously deceitful and misleading. It is very difficult to copywright ideas and recipes, and most recipes seem to be variations on recipes, that are themselves variations on other recipes. I also know that if you give a recipe to three different cooks, you will get three distinctive-if not totally different -dishes. I seldon follow recipes-except when baking.

This rather long explanation is to say I got this idea of crabby pretzel from a fellow blogger. Please visit , which is where the idea came from. It has been a brisk seller when I put it on the restaurant menu as a special a couple of evenings.
I purchased a par-baked pretzel, slit it down the center and filled it with a spicy crab salad, topped it with a pizza-blend cheese and baked it. This is my take on crabby pretzel, but visit the Bicoastal Cook to see another.


Charles said...

Hey Mickey,

That looks like a great take on a crab pretzel. I'm with you -- one recipe, 3 cooks, 3 distinct dishes. Anyways, glad your customers like it.

Kevin said...

Crabby Pretzel?!?!?!? At first I thought it was going to be an autobiography.........

Sounds good anyways........

Love ya cuz!!!