Sunday, May 28, 2006

Really busy this week. Started out with a trip to K-HITS radio. The restaurant has been doing some advertising with them, and the DJ JC Corcoran invited us to be guests. We took enough food for the whole station. One thing about my boss John Gallagher-who owns the restaurant-he does things in a very big and thorough way. He insisted the radio station personnel sample our best menu items-all the steaks, the most expensive fresh fish, desserts, and appetizers. The whole nine yards. They semed very appreciative-hopefully they will talk about us alot on the radio. He gave us a great 10 minute interview. It is the # one radio morning drive-time show in St. Louis. Here are some pictures-the people are William-my sous chef, James, the restaurant GM, and radio personnel. James was the big flirt with the ladies.

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