Sunday, May 28, 2006

I was trying some new bread recipes this week. Two recipes from Sheila Lukins USA cookbook. Her recipes work marvelously, I have been a fan of hers since she first published Silver Palate Coodbook. First Parker House Rolls Named for the hotel in Boston-Has an interesting story behind it-being a writer-chef I always appreciate food with a built-in story line. A picky customer complains to the chef about the bread, an angry chef throws together dinner rolls, folded over in a non-chalant twist, and the legendary Parker House Rolls are born. I chose a clover leaf roll rather than the folded one. They were good, but boring, so I washed them with a thyme butter which helped.

Next I made her Zuchinni-lemon loaf. It was really good, but next day I decided to add some grated carrots and some leftover pineapple to the batter. It was very well received. Looks pretty I think with the green zuchinni and orange carrot bits. The pineapple didn't show very yellow-next time maybe I'll use yellow summer squash.

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