Monday, October 08, 2007

It's still Summer

Usually the trees are gold and red, and the temperatures are lowering and approaching frost levels in the mornings around here, but not this year. It is still sunny and in the 90's. I did add an apple salad to the summer menu-so I guess that makes it sort of a fall menu. I used Fuji apples with some grapes, celery, and peanuts. The only other unusual thing I did was to brine the ribs witin an apple juice brine. I did the ribs very slowly over almost dead coals for over 2 hours.

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Kevin said...

Did you do the ribs just for me???? Apple juice brine,eh. Cooked for two whole hours, eh. They do look tasty , although waaaaayyyyyyy too much sauce for me. It's about the meat...not the sauce.

Ok, Kevin's ribs......
Peel membrane from the back ofthe ribs, (I always use spares, not loin backs or baby backs)trim 'em St.Louis style, light coat of Frenchs yellow mustard, apply rub, bring smoker to 250, cook the ribs for 3 hours 225-250 using whatever wood you prefer (I prefer a combo of Hickory and Pecan)after 3 hours pull the ribs and wrap in foil, slather w/honey (or apple juice), seal the foil and put back on smoker @ 225-250 for 2 more hours, after 2 hours remove ribs from foil, brush both sides w/pepper jelly, put back in smoker w/out the foil for 1 hour @ 225-250. After a mere 6 hours in the heat and smoke, they will be the tastiest, tenderest ribs you've ever had. Now that's good eats!!