Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shrimp Burger

In honor of my cousin Kevin, who has commanded me to "lighten up" in my last post's comments, I made shrimp burgers. They seem sort of whimsical and light. I read an article recently about the Japanese McDonalds who developed shrimpburgers for the Japanese palate, and it intrigued me.

So shrimp burgers had been on my mind, when Josh, my pantry cook brought me this recipe for shrimp balls that he makes for his step father. Instead of balls, I had him form them into patties and we made the first batch of shrimp burgers. I made wasabi mayonaise to serve with the burger. They were quite tasty, but both of the recipes need some tweaking before I sell them in the restaurant. In one of those ironic twists of fate, Josh is highly allergic to shellfish, so he can't taste them, and he has to wear surgical gloves when he makes them.


Kevin said...

Touche` cuz...... You made me chuckle, made me laugh out loud.

So how about some more info on the shrimp burgers?? Even something before you tweak them and then can't give away trade secrets.

I think I need to open a catering business...or at least start charging. This past weekend I did 6 briskets, 12 lbs. of pork loin, 8 lbs. of sausage, 6 lbs. of pork chops, 4 whole chickens, 5 lbs. of salmon, cole slaw and hash brown casserole for 50, and 2 'fatties'.

Out of all that food, my portion was 1 chicken and about 2 lbs. of pork chops......The lucky recipients were neighbors (meat just starts showing up when I fire up the smoker) friends, Yo's co-workers, and 50 friends and family of my future brother-in-law for his mothers birthday.

Now, what will I cook this weekend??

Casey said...

Wasabi mayo for shrimp burgers: brilliant! And shrimp burgers sound so much more interesting than the ubiquitous crabcakes.