Friday, May 18, 2007

Teaching a class at Dierberg's

Taught a class at Dierberg's grocery store. Dierberg's is one of the more upscale grocers in the city, and they have often had cooking schools attached to some of their stores. It was a two hour class for which I had planned a too ambitious menu-typical. It went alright, but a couple glitches happened. They did not have a table top fryer, so I was trying to make rice sticks and lobster tempura in an eletric skillet-it never got to temperature, so I switched to a wok, which eventually worked, but put me behind. It was lots of fun and I met alot of customers and talked to them.

The Dierberg cooking school personnel are amazingly organized-all my recipes were prepped and organized for me. I teach the same class at the Edwardsville store in two weeks. My assistant Katie was great help, especially in getting the electric skillet problem solved.

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wheresmymind said...

That looks like a very fun time!