Sunday, November 12, 2006


This head of Savoy cabbage looked so beautiful it inspired me to try and recreate this dish-I didn't have a recipe-that I once read about. It was served at the New York restaurant Lutece`-once the most revered French restaurant in the country. The original dish did not have mushrooms in it, but at Soulard Farmer's Market yesterday I purchased these Chanterelles grown in Washington state, and I thought they would make a nice addition.

I blanched the cabbage leaves and chose the most attractive to line a cake pan with, the rest of the leaves I julienned and mixed with potato slices, onion, and mushrooms. I crisped some bacon and then sauteed the vegetables in the drippings, I added a cup of wine and some water and simmered it until the liquid was absorbed and reduced. I then mounded the mixture in the cake pan lined with the reserved leaves and baked it for about 20 minutes.

I also bought a chicken at farmer's market from one of my favorite farmers-his name is Scott and although I've purchased things from him for years I don't know his last name. Oh well, he has great chichen, eggs, home made butter, wild caught rabbits and coons, and lamb chops. I brined the chicken overnight and then roasted it using Ruth' s recipe from her blog Once Upon a Feast. It was delicious. It starts with a dry rub of ginger, dry mustard, and paprika, with a basting broth flavored with fresh ginger and orange. You must visit her blog for the recipe listed under Orange Ginger Capon.


Ruth said...

Mickey, I'm glad you liked the chicken. It is a favorite in my home. The holidays would not be complete without it.

And that pie dish sounds awesome.

Thanks for sharing.

LPM said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliments. Happy cooking and eating.