Friday, November 10, 2006

Power Dinner

Here is my idea of a restorative and emotionally uplifting dinner. Liver sauteed with onion, bacon, and balsamic vinegar with swiss chard sauteed with grape tomatoes and mushrooms. I think there is a lot of energy and mood enhancing elements to this dinner. The swiss chard is beautiful right now. The stems, which I slice and saute a little longer than the leaves, are in brilliant colors of scarlet and gold. the leaves are a bit chewier than spinach and slightly more bitter than spinach-the grape tomatoes sweeten it a bit, but you could also add a pinch of sugar.


Kevin said...

I love liver and onions...unfortunately I'm the only one in the family that does. Sooooo,the only time I get any is when we go to Luby's, or I could come to your place.

I'm doing 3 briskets and some ribs tomorrow. Gonna make some extra brisket to put in chili.

Later cuz,

Ruth said...

Oh My G-d!!! This is my favorite meal. Of course, my husband (like Kevin's family) is liver averse so these days the only time I eat some is at a restaurant.

So...I'll be whipping up the swiss chard to go with chicken or brisket.

Thanks for sharing.