Thursday, April 06, 2006


I love the delicate and rich flavor and texture of sweetbreads. I began by soaking them overnight in slightly salty ice water in the refrigerator, change the water every couple of hours until the blood is gone and the water remains clear. Next I cleaned some of the connective tissue and membrane away. I slowly poached them in water with bay leaf, cloves, celery, onion, and lots of fresh lemon (simmer for 45 minutes-keep the temperature very low). I like to compress them between two racks weighted, overnight or at least a couple hours until they are firm. This way I can make more uniform slices.

Slice them into about three quarters inch uniform slices. Dredge the slices in a seasoned flour and saute in clarified butter until they are browned.

I usually serve them in sauce. I love a Champagne Cream sauce, a tomato sauce, or a mustard sauce, but I chose a chunky mushroom, bacon, shallot, and red wine sauce this time. They were marvelous.

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romansce said...

A truckstop in Bakersfield served sweetbreads in a brown sauce full of pimentoes. I loved them fixed that way and now do them that way at home. Try it!