Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter was ok. I was a little disappointed in a couple areas, but our guests were extremely happy. It was a beautiful day eventhough storms were predeicted. The ham was especialy nice. I roasted 5 whole hams on the bone which we carved in the kitchen and served with grilled peaches and peach beautiful sauce, 12 whole prime ribs, 100 pounds of mashed potatoes, 100 pounds of sweet potatoes, 80 pounds of asparagus. Vegetables and dip, cheese, and marinated olives were set at each table, along with our homemade breads-strawberry, white, and special for the hot cross buns. Service was family style, and desserts were strawberry shortcake and Easter egg nest fudge brownies. People loved the sweet potatoes-they are Mrs. Gallagher's favorite recipe. It was very much like an old farm house dinner which I think is perfect for holidays.

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Kevin said...

We're eating leftover pork this week also. I smoked 10lbs. of pork butt last weekend, now we have a huge bag of pulled pork. I smoked a brisket also, but I don't like doing them together due the cooking temp difference. I smoked a 10lb. brisket, along w/the butts for 9 hours at 220. Took it out and wrapped in foil, let it set for about 2 hours and it was moist and tasty. We had the neighbors over and there wasn't a morsel left. After I took the brisket out I kicked up the smoker to 275 for about 4 more hours. The bone just pulled out of the pork. I made some Coca Cola based sauce and slaw and haven't stopped smiling since. I think I'm going to do some more pork butt and chicken this weekend. I have a new smoker on order. Check it out I'm getting the backyard chef. I'm adding a foot and extra shelves to it. I'm really anxious to try a whole your blog, keep adding to it!!!