Friday, February 10, 2006

Last week was my boss's fiftieth birthday. His wife planned a terrific Cajun party.
My partner Dan Dunsford did the decor and flowers. We placed iced beer in an old claw foot tub. Desserts had a dramatic rose center piece. The crawfish bol was thrown out on newspaper covered tables, with a canvas backdrop of Jackson Square.

There is really not a recipe for the boil. I did it in my large tilt skillet, but a smaller party could be made in a stock pot. I have even done them outside on a grill.

I first made a court boullion with wine and vegetables. I cooked the potatoes first, then added the corn. As the vegetables get close to be done, add the crawfish and the shrimp (they cook very fast).

We had a blues band as well. Everything was quite delicious and everyone had a blast.

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