Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sigma Aldrich Iron Chef

Last Sunday the Sigma Aldrich corporation hosted an Iron Chef competition at the Kitchen Conservatory.  It was part of a team building activity for a group of their managers.  There were people in from all over the world, Great Btitian, France, Brazil, Switzerland were represented on my team.  There were 5 teams of 5 managers, assigned to a Kitchen Conservatory Chef.  Each chef had been assigned a cuisine beforehand.

Here is a list of the chefs and some of their stand out dishes.

Chef Anne Cori and her team won with their Italian menu.  The shrimp ravioli in lobster sauce were amazing.

Chef Clara Moore and her team got Mexican and they made an unusal and delicious grilled pineapple tamale.

Chef Christie Maggi got Moroccan, her team's great dishes included mini Bastillas, a lamb tajine and almond cookies.

Chef Naam Pruitt ( author of Lemongrass and limes:Thai Flavors) and her team presented a marvelous curry, Jasmin rice, and shrimp skewers.

These are only some of their dishes I remember. 

I got French and was lucky enough to get a team that included two men who knew how to cook-and one was French, and the other and experienced pie baker.

Some of our best dishes included Coquilles a la Nage (bay scallops in a wine cream sauce), Entrecote au Vin Sauce (Steaks with red wine sauce), and tarte Tatin (upside down appe tart with caramel).

Our afternoos started with our team van-yes, each team got their own van-taking us to the Dierberg's in Brentwood to purchase the things for our menu.  Here is my team at the check out.

Once we were back in the kitchen it was a mad fight for the burners, ovens, ice cream makers-did I mention that three of us did ice cream-my team made my favorite ginger ice cream to top the tatre tatin.

What a terrific company and what a terrific bunch of people to work with.

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