Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bacon, Lettuce, tomato, and Fried Egg Sandwich

This was Independence day breakfast. I have started purchasing eggs from a new woman. She grow several breeds, among them the Araucana (they produce the blueish green eggs), Banties (they are quite small), and several others that produce brown eggs. I promise I'll visit her hen houses and give you better information in the future. They live a great chicken life and have the run of 2 1/2 acres during the day and return to their houses at evening. She refuses to butcher her chickens and so she sells off her roosters-only retaining breeding stock. She has no idea what to do with her retired hens.

I'll be going to a barbecue later this afternoon, but that is several hours away so I thought a little breakfast was in order. Farm Fresh Eggs is one of the most eloquent phrases I can think of , but just in case you have never tasted anything but mass produced factory farm eggs, real eggs are deeply flavored, richly colored beauties.

Also I grew the lettuce in a pot on my deck, while I enjoy having it there to clip as I need it, it is too pathetic and ugly to photograph. My mom, dad, and one uncle are terrific gardeners-I guess I didn't get the green thumb.


Sasha said...

Oh yum.
This is my favorite breakfast [no egg-yolk though] besides pancakes. : ]

Kevin said...

Mick......even a "simple" bacon and egg sandwich gets your epicurean juices flowing......nice work.

I think that you're holding back a little. Your parents are EXCEPTIONAL gardeners, not a single day in my life goes by that I don't crave their tomatos. And Uncle Bill...he's just in a league of his own when it comes to gardening.

The Duo Dishes said...

It should be a rule to have an egg on all sandwiches. Always good, always welcome.

Lisa said...

I love a fried egg on a BLT! That looks delicious. We also get eggs from a local person, and they're so superior to store-bought. The bacon we get from a local farmer is also fab; sometimes we get his peppered bacon, too.

Between this sandwich and then BBQ, I know you had a happy 4th.