Sunday, January 20, 2008

Farewell Lunch

It's official-we are not serving lunch starting February 1st. It has been a long and labored decision, but with no lunch we are extending the Sunday hours until 8 PM in the evening. There have been many times when we've turned away lots of diners because they arrived late, not realizing we close at 5 PM. We are also opening at 4 Pm on Saturday evenings. Again there is always a waiting line at the front door when we open at 5. This should ease openings, so that the servers aren't hit with several tables all at one time-each wanting their water, their bread, their drink all at the same time-sometimes the first 20 minutes are the most frantic for the servers until everyone hits their stride. This will also allow my kitchen to be more focused and organised. Darrell Logan who headed up the lunch since opening will be joining the evening crew. Here is one of Darrell's last lunch special, a lovely shrimp taco salad.

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