Monday, September 03, 2007

A Small Intimate, and Lovely Wedding

A wedding took place Sunday afternoon on the third floor. 30 guests, with six of them children. It was an older couple, with mostly their children and grandchildren in attendance. They were a beautiful older couple, but I won't publish their pictures or names for privacy reasons. The bride chose simplicity and understatement, and it was quite striking. Mini potted yellow roses adorned the dining table, which was one large U shape. The bride and her attendant carried yellow rose and white orchid bouquets, which later became centerpieces. The couple promised their vows between yellow rose standards. It was a sweet scenario.

Their lunch was served at 2:45 PM after the ceremony. They served Caesar salad, Prime Rib with cheese crusted potatoes in ramekins and hoisin glazed green beans with black sesame seeds. The wedding cake was cut ans served as dessert.

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