Monday, June 25, 2007

Tomato Season

The first picking of local tomatoes has arrived. Here are two salads I made over this past weekend. Both salads included locally grown greens as well, but that will probably end soon, as it is getting too hot to grow salad greens. Both salads were dressed with a simple vinaigrette of red wine vinegar, garlic, and olive oil.

One included sliced red onions and anchovie fillets. The salty and intense richness of anchovie is marvelous with the sweet juiciness of the tomato, the onion adds crunch and another kind of sweetness.

The other was the classic Insalata Caprice. Sliced tomatoes were layered with slices of fresh mozzarella and fresh Basil. Traditionally this salad is dress with only olive oil, but I usually add red wine vinegar or Balsamic to the mix.

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Kevin said...

Now that's some GOOD EATS!!!!!! Just don't have anything here in Texas that compares to Illinois tomatos.

I did some beer-in-the-butt chickens yesterday. Yo's sister just got back from France and brought me several French spice blends, one of them Herbs de Provence. I rubbed the chickens w/olive oil, gave them a nice coating of herbs de provence, then I cut the top off of a whole head of garlic and plugged the neck w/it, allowing the garlic juice to run down into the chicken. Cooked indirect on the grill at 300 for about 2 hours. They were incredible!!