Monday, June 11, 2007

Glenn's Birthday Party

Saturday we got the opportunity to prepare a lovely birthday dinner for a good friend of the Gallaghers. We started with hor's douevres of bacon wrapped dates, and wonton chips topped with seared tuna and wasabi and seared salmon with Asian glaze. For cocktail hour while we passed hors douvres, James Gallagher made pitchers of his special punch and pitchers of Stingers, which is the preferred cocktail of the hosts.
Dinner started with Gazapacho with avocado and shrimp. Next we served hot house tomato and Heirloom tomato salad, the tomatoes were nicer than expected-considering the season, the tomato slices were on fresh greens from one of my farmer-growers, and the salad was dressed with blue cheese and a light vinaigrette-which is a welcome change from heavy creamy blue cheese dressings.

The entree was Tenderloin au poivre with cognac sauce, fingerling potatoes and zuchinni (these from another farmer-grower) sauteed in garlic butter, asparagus with sesame and soy.

We made creme brulee for dessert and there were also three birthday cakes as there were two birthdays that evening as well as that of the guest of honor.

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Kevin said...

Just vaccum seal a tray full of those tomatos and put them on the first refrigerated truck to Texas. Looks like some pretty good eats...ceptin I'm not so sure about the bacon wrapped dates..just a little far out for my taste.

Gonna smoke a whole, bone-in pork lion for Fathers day, can't wait. Griled some Buffalo burgers yesterday, man I like those. Made a black bean side to go along. I used canned black beans(I know..that's hieracy) red and yellow peppers, japaleno, red onion, cilantro, and little olive oil. It was pretty tasty.

Later cuz,