Sunday, February 18, 2007

Smithwick's Ale

We have a new ale on tap at the restaurant. Smithwick's-pronounced smitticks-no h or w sound. The English language can so annoying sometimes-if you don't say the h or w, why put them in the word? Smithwick's is the oldest operating brewery in Ireland. Founded in 1710 by John Smithwick on the original Franciscan abbey, where monks made ale since the 1400's. Now it is owned by the same company that also owns Guinness and they are the two biggest sellers in Ireland-Guinness is first.

It is called a red ale, and it has a sort of red mahogany color to it. Irish red ales are made from roasted barley and hops. The roasting tints the color, which is not the case in American red beers which are tinted by adding color-like Coors Red Irish a poseur. It has a much mellower flavor than English Ale, which is too aggressive on the palate for me. Slightly creamy with a stable but not too big head.
Smithwick's has been available in the Missouri market for a long time, but it has only been licensed in Illinois (or at least in Monroe county) just recently. Smithwick's has a devoted following, and many have asked for it, and now we can serve it. Perfect with our house made chips.


Freya said...

In the UK we just drop the 'W' ;) Hope you enjoy it!

Kevin said...

House made chips???????? They look kinda like Charles chips from a can to me.............. ;-)