Sunday, February 11, 2007

Amuse Bouche;Amuse-Guele

"French derivative for appetizer, typically referring to a small one- or two-bite portion to tickle the taste buds."-as defined by the "Food Lover's Companion". To that I would also add that it has evolved to mean something that the chef sends out complimentary. Paul Prudhomme in his book "Louisiana Kitchen" calls them Lagniappe-a little something extra. It is a Spanish derivative (la napa meaning a gift) that the Creoles and Cajuns Frenchified.

At Gallagher's we call them "Palate Pleasers"-I think Richard Perry coined that phrase. Often you hear the waiters asking the assistant waiters "Have you pleased that table yet?" Meaning is the freebie appetizer at the table. In a perfect world the "pleasers" arrive with the cocktails-in the imperfect world known as the "dinner rush" sometimes they never arrive-which is not pleasing to the chef.

Our Palate Pleasers are a spread of mayonaise, parmesan cheese, chopped onion, and parsley topping a thin slice of baguette slightly browned and toasted. Simple and easy and tasty, tables sometimes ask to buy a platter of them. But they can't, because they are complimentary.

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Kevin said...

An open face grilled cheese that's what I'm talkin bout!!!! Ok, since they're complimentary and I can't buy em, please send a couple dozen to Texas. Looks outstanding Mick!!