Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stormy Wednesday

It has truly been a challenging week in the aftermath of the storm last wednesday. The storm hit Waterloo-the power went out. Two tables had not been served yet. The dining rooms actually became more charming with just the candle lamps glowing, but the kitchen became at least the second ring of Hell-cooking by candle lamp is not nearly as charming as dining by candle lamp light. The first table was a no brainer and went off quickly, but the second table ordered medium rare steaks after already consuming two bottles of $100 plus Silver Oak Cabernet. So we now have expense and extremely discriminating palates thrown into the pressure pot. Then I remembered touch is always the best way to test for doneness of meat, and I relaxed a bit. Just in the way blind musicians are more sensitive, my temporarily blind grill man performed superbly with perfect steaks. I think I'll blindfold him on Saturday nights just for the fun of it-just kidding Tim-great job.

We've tried a couple Tutti di mare recipes one creamy, one tomato, one white wine and garlic. It was my choice light and delicious for summer.

Also made duck this week with fresh Monroe county peaches-quite tasty. Picture doesn't do the dish justice

And lastly pot roast -I know-in July? Because of the storm it was difficult getting deliveries. One delivery was a grade of prime rib not acceptable to me for anything but pot roasting. In the spirit of making lemonade when handed a case of lemons, we made pot roast. We sold out. Who knew people were dying for pot roast on a Saturday night in July?

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Kevin said...

Pot roast in July???? I have to admit though, it did look very good. I grilled some nice thick pork chops tonight, used Texas Pepper Jelly
as a finishing glaze, I've also been using it on my ribs. Try'll like it.

later cuz,