Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hegwood Family Reunion Potato Salad

I'm not going to the reunion, but this salad and especially this yellow Pyrex bowl reminds me of the many times I went to the reunion. This was my grandma Hegwood's bowl, and she loaded it with potato salads like this one many times. This salad is going to a Fourth of July Barbeque, and for once I'm not doing the barbequeing-which is quite all right with me-I enjoy other people's barbeque.

There really is no recipe for this salad, just boiled and diced red potatoes, hard-cooked and diced eggs, celery, onion, and pickles. Mix with mayonaise flavored with bright yellow hot dog mustard (French's). I sprinkled parsley on top, but grandma would have probably put egg slices on top with some paprika.


Kevin said...

I believe that you're exactly correct...Grandma would definitely have topped her potato salad with egg slces and paprika. I know that both our Moms top 'em that way, and I'd bet that Aunt Doris does also. However, I believe that Grandma also used diced egg in her potato salad.

mickey said...

You are so right, this potato salad also did include hard cooked and diced eggs-Thanks for letting me know, I really need an editor.