Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm not sure if this is Mexican or Tex-Mex, but I do know that Chiliquiles are probably now served in cities across the country. Maybe my cousin Kevin will read this and enlighten us, as he is an expert in all things Texan (he's an alum of Texas Tech, and a resident of Plano,Tx), since his wife is Mexican he's pretty knowledgeable about things Mexican. So Kevin, is it Mexican or Tex-Mex and what is the difference between Chiquiles and Migas?
Since I'm not an expert on Tex-Mex or Mexican, I just prepare things the way I want without regard to tradition or protocol. Here is my hands down favorite combination-no salsa, no tomato, and no sour cream-just onions, garlic, corn tortillas, chorizo, nopales, eggs, cheddar cheese.
First I crisp corn tortillas in a skillet with butter, I remove them and reserve them on paper toweling. In the same skillet brown the chorizo, add some chopped garlic and onion, add some beaten eggs and the crisped tortillas, add the nopales and stir cook until the eggs set, stir in some cheese. To serve, top with some more cheese and wrap the mixture in steamed flour tortillas-this is really simple and delicious.

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Kevin said...

I'd say that your version is more on the Mexican side than Tex/Mex except for the flour tortillas. There's not much difference between your chiliquiles and migas, migas is a Mexican dish.

I'd say that your dish is more Mexican because of the ingredients you used (or didn't use)
1. You did use corn tortillas, Mexicans do not eat (most don't even like) flour tortillas.
2. The use of the nopales is definitely NOT Tex/Mex. Too bad because they really are good.
3. You didn't use sour cream. I think most Tex/Mex, especially what you get in restaurants is smothered in sour cream.

My migas are similar to your chiliquiles. The difference is that I don't use chorizo, although there's certainly nothing wrong with adding it. I don't use nopales, but instead add diced tomato. I also add some cumin. I think it's a very important step to set aside the crisped tortillas and add them in at the very end. If you don't they will get soggy when the egg is added, and the texture of the crispy tortillas along with the egg is what makes it really good.