Sunday, December 28, 2008


The GW Bavarian Sausage Co. is located about a mile from my back door. It is a marvelous old time German Meat market. It is a tiny store located on a hard to reach street behind a lot of car dealerships. They do a brisk business. It usually takes 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get in and out-especially on peak days like Saturday. In addition to all kinds of sausages-including some Italian and Polish as well, they have real Black Forest Ham and all sorts of wursts. I chose this weisswurst for breakfast this Sunday. White and delicate, supposed to be veal and pork flavored with cardamom and parsley. It is an already cooked sausage-not smoked. To heat you steep the sausage in hot water-do not boil or you will burst the casing, when the sausage is hot peel the casing off and serve with a sweet mustard. Since it was breakfast, I had to add grits and some sauteed peppers-not an especially traditional German accompaniment-I think they eat them with pretzels.

Complimentary beers are always available while shopping at GW's, so I suggest making it a sort of happy hour shopping excursion-enjoy a beer while checking out all the intriguing meat products they make.

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