Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Orange Roughy en Croute

On Saturday night I had one of the cooks make some fish fillets in pastry. This was one of the first times this cook had worked with puff pastry. He had a great time with them, carving decorations into the pastry and all. He plans on atending culinary school this fall, so I plan to keep giving him some challenging tasks this summer. We served the fish with ginger hallandaise.


lisa32989 said...

I was wondering if you use any food from local farmers using sustainable agriculture? There are many in the area and the only way to encourage more of the same is to purchase from them!

mickey said...

Thanks for asking Lisa. I have two farmers who grow for the restaurant-vegetable only. I also use a local butcher so that all of the pork is grown in Monroe county. Some of the lamb is also Monroe county. All of our beef of our beef comes from Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, purchased through Kern Meats. Valmeyer High School has an aqua culture program, where they grow tilapia and the waste wateer is used for hydroponics, but at this time they are unable to supply anything on a regular basis-I have talked with their ag teacher. In the coming years I'm sure it will become a bigger part of local agriculture.