Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cooking class at the Kitchen Conservatory

Last night I taught a class at the Kitchen Conservatory, which is a marvelous cookware store and teaching facility. Over the years, I've taught there many times and I always enjoy it. I always meet such interesting people and learn as much from them as they from me. Last night had a Harvest theme.

The Menu:
Carrot and Parsnip latkes with creme fraiche and caviar
Roasted pumpkin stuffed with wild mushroom risotto
Duck Confit with persimmon sauce
Pomegranate salad
Apple, pear, and quince tart


Kevin said...


I have to admit, that in my wildest dreams I couldn't come up w/the food combinations/dishes that you do.....I'm sure they're all very good, no....very delicious, but I'd NEVER come up those.............


Ruth said...

How lucky everyone was to try out such a delicious menu and how great for you to teach in such a fabulous looking facility.

Thanks for sharing.